Experts: VR Industry Is Growing At A Consistent Rate

Experts: VR Industry Is Growing At A Consistent Rate
April 11, 2017

VR Intelligence and the VRX Events recently conducted a survey in which they interviewed VR professionals about the growth and success of the industry. The survey turned out with surprisingly positive results, with over 50% of respondents reporting a positive growth in the VR industry in 2016.


In fact reported that less than a third of the respondents said the growth of the industry was ‘weaker than they hoped’. 46% of the respondents said growth was ‘very strong’ or ‘strong’. This shows that most of the professionals see the growth of this relatively new industry as a good sign.


The survey also reported on the platforms on which Virtual reality  content creators had their focus, with one third reporting that they were focused on smartphones and mobiles, another third stating they were focusing on PC and consoles while the final third said they were focusing on both mobiles and PC & console.


The survey highlighted plenty of other things like issues and problems that the industry faces. Over half of content creators highlighted the high prices of VR headsets as biggest problem, with lack of content at a close second. Over half of VR tech, including hardware manufacturers, blamed lack of high quality, followed up by high prices of VR headsets. Many other issues were also highlighted, including headset usability, motion sickness, headset size and design, and consumer awareness.


The future currently looks bright for the Virtual Reality Industry. On top of the rapid growth and development, analysts are predicting that the VR content market could be worth over $41 billion by 2024. Let’s hope the industry continues to grow and overcome it’s problems to deliver more great products and content. Let’s see what the future holds for the industry as a whole in the coming years.

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