Ex-Sony London Boss Opens VR Studio

Ex-Sony London Boss Opens VR Studio
February 8, 2017

Sony London's former studio head Dave Ranyard has formed his own independent virtual reality outfit, Dream Reality Interactive. Ranyard worked at Sony for 17 years, and helped create various interactive titles such as Singstar and Wonderbook: Book of Spells


More recently he oversaw the development of VR Worlds, which featured a slew of virtual reality experiences designed to showcase Sony's own PlayStation VR headset. 


Linking up with Ranyard at Dream Reality are his former Sony London colleagues Richard Bates, Artemis Tsouflidou, Albert Bentall and John Foster, who were all key players during the development of VR Worlds


Dream Reality already has several projects and prototypes in the pipeline, and will look to create its own original virtual reality titles while also contributing to third-party projects. 


"With the availability of a range of VR headsets the question is no longer if virtual reality will be successful, it is when and most importantly, how?" commented Ranyard. 


"None of us really knows the answer but after a fantastic 17 years at Sony, now feels like the right time to explore the possibilities. Going independent allows me to work across all platforms and that’s very liberating."

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