EON Sports' Plan To Bring AR To Live Entertainment

EON Sports' Plan To Bring AR To Live Entertainment
November 22, 2017

It’s easier today than ever before to purchase tickets to live entertainment, and yet the process is still universally frustrating. There are a plethora of apps and websites that let consumers order tickets from the comfort of their homes, but the convenience of buying online is offset by mountains of hidden service fees that are often impossible to avoid.


“There is an entire multi-billion dollar industry preying on the fact that people like me and you just go, ‘Well, that’s the way it always is,’ ” said Brendan Reilly, co-founder and CEO of EON Sports.


EON Sports, a spin-off of the international corporation EON Reality, is a Kansas City-based company with a mission to apply virtual reality and augmented reality to the sports industry. It sells VR training equipment to collegiate and professional sports teams, but the company is now looking to build a broader audience by addressing the widespread problems with event ticketing.


EON Sports’ new member-only ticketing platform, Anytixx, does away with service charges in order to sell tickets at wholesale prices. Customers must pay an additional monthly fee to use the platform, but they can attend as many events as they like and can even earn cashback rewards by purchasing tickets through Anytixx.


By offering unbeatable prices and perks for live entertainment, EON Sports hopes to attract a loyal user base that will engage with AR components as they are introduced to the platform.

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