Eon Reality Sets Up R&D Centre In Singapore

Eon Reality Sets Up R&D Centre In Singapore
November 1, 2016

SINGAPORE - United States-based Eon Reality, maker of virtual reality software, opened its global research and development (R&D) centre in Singapore on Tuesday (Nov 1).
This is where development and testing of new software will take place for the company, which develops virtual and augmented reality software for educational institutions and businesses, for training.
One such customer in Singapore is specials needs school Metta School.
Eon's centre here - located in Biopolis - currently has over 40 employees ranging from business development to software development.
The company also launched its Eon Experience Augment Virtual Reality (AVR) software, which allows teachers to customise their own lessons with a virtual twist.
Engineering students can learn how to take apart a motor, for example, by viewing and interacting with a model that is superimposed on a tablet screen.
Educators can add their own annotations, videos and audio lessons to these lessons, as well as come up with their own, for their classes.
Eon chairman Mr Dan Lejerskar said Singapore makes for an ideal test-bed.
At the centre's opening, he said: "In some ways, Singapore has a very progressive government - they are not afraid to look into the future and take bold steps.
"And it's also a small place - so you can make things happen, and so we're testing things here, making them work perfectly and then disseminating them to other countries, like China and India."

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