Dutch Startup To Open VR Cinemas In China

Dutch Startup To Open VR Cinemas In China
December 3, 2016

Chinese electronics retailer Gome Group and Dutch startup company &Samhoud Media are teaming up for opening virtual reality cinemas in China. According to NRC, the two parties signed a deal to distribute films to at least 100 virtual reality cinemas across the country.


The VR films include short films and documentaries shown to viewers who are sitting on a rotating chair and using a VR headset. Typically, the films are 10 minutes long and played during a 30-minute showing.

Companies say, the first five branches will open on 28 December 2016, in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Tianijn and Shenyang.


&Samhoud Media already owns and operates a VR Cinema in Amsterdam, which was opened back in February 2016. According to Resonate, the cinema has received 60,000 visitors to date.


Chinese Gome Group operates a chain of home appliance stores in China. Currently the company owns 2,200 mega-stores.

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