Does Apple Have An Answer To Daydream VR?

Does Apple Have An Answer To Daydream VR?
October 6, 2016

Google just ratcheted up the pressure on Apple.
For starters on Tuesday, it debuted products Apple lacks -- the Daydream virtual-reality headset, the Google Home digital assistant-powered speaker, the Chromecast Ultra streamer that can pipe 4K video to your TV.
On top of that is a broader competitive threat. Google designed its new devices on its own, reflecting an evolution into a company that makes hardware, not just one that writes software and offers online services.
Sound familiar? That's the winning strategy Apple employed during the last decade's explosively fast development of the phone and tablet market to vault ahead of rivals like Dell, Microsoft and Samsung. Google could one-up Apple when it comes to integration of hardware, software and services.
It's no coincidence that Google's new Pixel is the only phone to get the new Google Assistant and to tap into unlimited cloud storage for any photos and videos that don't fit on the phone. The Google Home smart speaker adds another way to use Google Assistant -- and to control Chromecast devices playing YouTube video on your TV and Google Play Music on your stereo.
Google's Pixel phones won't push aside Apple iPhones and Samsung Galaxys any time soon. But with new types of gadgets hitting the market, Google's ambition makes it much more likely you'll see devices sporting the company's "G" logo infiltrate your home.
"Google...demonstrated that it's finally serious about hardware," said Jackdaw Research analyst Jan Dawson.

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