Digital Catapult Welcomes 10 VR/AR Startups

Digital Catapult Welcomes 10 VR/AR Startups
July 6, 2018

It's a 10-week programme to help advance their projects through mentorship and investor access.


Several months ago UK-based immersive technology company Digital Catapult announced its Augmentor programme ina bid to help early-stage virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) startups. Today, ten businesses have been revealed that’ll be involved in the ten-week long programme to help advance their projects.

Being accepted into the programme will allow these immersive startups to receive expert support, access to investors, mentorship, and use of state-of-the art immersive facilities ahead of an exclusive investor showcase in September 2018.


“We developed Augmentor to catalyse an immersive investment ecosystem in the UK and accelerate the creation of a VR and AR market,” said Rebecca Gregory-Clarke, Lead Technologist, Immersive, at Digital Catapult in a statement. “The UK has great potential to lead the way and become the best place in the world to produce immersive applications and we’re excited to support these 10 companies to contribute to the UK’s success.”


The following 10 companies have been selected to join the programme:

HoloMe, London UK: An immersive experience that allows you to interact with famous personalities or event family members as a hologram in your current environment.

KageNova, Guildford UK: Developing a technology that aims to solve critical outstanding technological problems in VR/ MR systems that are currently stifling user update.

- Lume VR, London UK: A VR platform where scientists and research can explore, manipulate and present their 3D point cloud data and, for the public, a platform to understand important scientific information.

 -Valkyrie Industries, London UK: An AI Haptic Interface providing a realistic perception of touch for virtual simulations.

 -Swim AR, London UK: An AR heads-up display for swimmers.

- Subconscious VR, Leicester UK: A product that allows tech-aware clients in the healthcare and training sectors to easily deliver group 360 VR.

 - Kodama Ltd, London UK: Kodama is the home gaming platform for VR and AR.

- Somewhere Else Solutions, London UK: A multi-user VR solution to power enterprise transformation for global businesses.

Arcade, London UK: An augmented reality venture design studio.

Motion Pixel, Tamworth UK: VR and 360 capture specialists holding the patent for a new VR stabilisation technology, reducing motion sickness, post-production load and allowing live, movable 360 broadcast.

“Many early-stage immersive companies have great concepts but they need support to turn these into a commercial reality. Augmentor is alleviating this gap in the market,” continued Gregory-Clarke. “Now in its second year, Augmentor has proven itself to be a door opener that brings focus for the selected companies in a condensed time-period enabling them to shape their business proposition and strategy ahead of pitching to investors.”


The Augmentor programme has seen interest double for this second year, receiving over 166 registrations of interest during the Open Call period compared to 75 registrations last year. 

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