Digi-Capital Debuts AR/VR/XR Analytics Platform

Digi-Capital Debuts AR/VR/XR Analytics Platform
July 23, 2018

Digi-Capital has launched its Analytics Platform as the new AR/VR/XR industry dashboard for startups, corporates and VCs. It helps you to know everything in AR/VR/XR, with 500,000+ data points across hardware, software, platforms, products/services, business models, categories and countries. It also covers the leading AR/VR/XR startups, founders, corporates, VCs, valuations, dealflow and relationships by category, investment stage, deal size, country and region.


You can see it in action here (embeddable video here).


The platform was soft-launched at a private event at Google in late May, after which ex-Piper Jaffray Apple Analyst (now Loup Ventures Managing Partner) Gene Munster said "Digi-Capital's Analytics Platform is Bloomberg for AR/VR/XR – it's beyond comprehensive." Subscriptions from the soft-launch alone have taken the platform into profit even before it launched this week.


Digi-Capital Managing Director Tim Merel said, "Data/analytics to support the industry have largely come from industry reports so far (including our own), but tools equivalent to Bloomberg, AppAnnie or Pitchbook hadn't emerged. So we made Digi-Capital's Analytics Platform for AR/VR/XR professionals to answer question in minutes that would take them weeks, without the cost of doing it themselves. Some of the questions it helps to answer include:


-        Who are my competitors, and what are they doing?

-        Where and how could I make the most money?

-        Which platforms could deliver the best return on investment?

-        Who can I raise money from, and how can I get to them?

-        What is my company worth?


-        What products and services am I competing with?

-        What products and services should I build?

-        Which platforms are critical for my roadmap?

-        What countries are key for my rollout?

Sales/biz dev

-        Who else is selling to my customers?

-        How do I hit my stretch sales target?

-        Which platforms should I be selling into?

-        Which countries should be incentivized for my sales teams?


-        Which companies should I invest in or acquire?

-        What is the addressable market for my portfolio companies?

-        Where is the smart money going?

-        Who are the strategic buyers for my portfolio companies?

-        What's my deal worth?


-        Who are the AR/VR/XR Leaders?

-        What are the biggest business models, categories and countries?

-        What are the biggest platforms?

-        Who's raising money, where are they, and where is it coming from?

-        What are average valuation estimates across the market?

To make all this possible, we built a user friendly SaaS platform incorporating 500,000+ AR/VR/XR data points including:

AR/VR/XR Leaders

-        800+ companies

-        29 AR/VR/XR sectors

-        50+ counties/regions

-        16 stages from angel to IPO

-        Products/services

-        Founders/management

-        Investor/acquirer relationships


-        Revenue from 2017 to 2022 (actual & forecast)

-        Mobile AR, smartglasses, premium/standalone VR & mobile/standalone VR platforms

-        Appstore, hardware, eCommerce, adspend, enterprise, location based, video business models

-        60 product/service categories

-        50+ countries/regions


-        Sales/installed bases from 2017 to 2022 (actual & forecast)

-        Mobile AR, smartglasses, premium/standalone VR & mobile/standalone VR sectors

-        Major mobile AR software platforms

-        Major smartglasses hardware platforms

-        Major premium/standalone VR platforms

-        Major mobile/standalone VR platforms

VC/corporate investors, acquirers and deals

-        1,000+ VC/corporate investors/acquirers

-        1,100+ deals (from 2005 to 2018)

-        29 AR/VR/XR sectors

-        50+ counties/regions

-        16 stages from angel to IPO

-        From hundreds of thousands to billions of dollars

-        Founders/management relationships

Average valuation estimates

-        29 AR/VR categories

-        9 investment stages

-        50+ countries and regions

-        Based on 850+ company valuation estimates

-        Category, investment stage, country and region combinations

The team is pretty excited about it, and relaunched our website in parallel to help with all the inbound. It's a fun time for us."


About Digi-Capital: Digi-Capital is a Silicon Valley-based AR/VR/XR adviser (reports, analytics platform, strategy consulting, investment banking)

About Tim Merel: Digi-Capital Managing Director Tim Merel is a software engineer, investment banker, lawyer and founder, and one of the most connected people on the planet for AR/VR/XR at CEO level. He has written about AR/VR/XR for TechCrunch and others, and is interviewed, quoted and presents at major media and conferences globally. Tim was educated at Yale and Sydney Universities, and before founding Digi-Capital worked for investment banks, News Corp and Ernst & Young in North America, Asia and Europe

Contact: Tim Merel at info [at] digi-capital.com

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