Didier Drogba Joins The Crypto Craze

Didier Drogba Joins The Crypto Craze
July 26, 2018
Footballers Taking Up The Crypto Space Didier Drogba The Latest To Join


According to reports from Russian news outlet RT, the legendary Ivorian footballer Didier Drogba has become an official ambassador of a cryptocurrency startup. The startup is a cryptocurrency-based platform called All.me, and Drogba says he believes in it, a lot. The platform comes together in perfect harmony to create a social network, a cryptocurrency bank and a trading floor. One unique feature about the platform is that it plans to share 50% of its ad revenue with users.


Drogba’s Involvement In The Project

The Ivorian football legend is reportedly already using the social platform to post his pictures. Over and above this, he has expressed his unwavering support and belief in the project, constantly posting branded promotional material. It is unclear why he chose to support this particular project but many guess it has something to do with its revenue sharing policy. Drogba has in the past been involved in charity work within his home country Ivory Coast through the Didier Drogba Foundation. His work on the pitch and off it has earned him a big reputation and great admiration and his involvement in this project is expected to flood users and investors into the project.


The company behind the platform was established back in 2015 by Artak Tovmasyan, an Armenian businessman. Having already raised $30 million in previous ICO issuance, the startup is currently planning to conduct its fourth ICO launch before the end of 2018.


Other Footballers Involved In Blockchain And Cryptocurrencies

A few months ago, Uruguayan international footballer, Luis Suarez, got involved in a promotion campaign with the popular boxer, Floyd Mayweather. The footballer posted on his Instagram feed, prompting his followers to sign up on Stox, a Bancor-based prediction market. The platform was also getting a lot of coverage from the famous and flamboyant boxer, Floyd Mayweather.


As we reported, Ronaldinho, arguably the greatest footballer ever, has also joined on the party by announcing the launch of his own cryptocurrency project. The project will be involved in building a football academy, developing a betting platform, hosting global leagues, building virtual reality stadiums and much more.


The VR stadiums are expected to be developed in 300 locations around the globe and will use blockchain technology to create teams and analyze player skills. The project, called Ronaldinho Soccer Coin, is currently in its ICO phase and although it is largely ambitious, Ronaldinho’s profile as a footballer could bring in the investors.

James Rodrigues, Colombian midfielder, has also announced the release of his coin. The coin dubbed JR10 can be used to get football souvenirs, get into football events and get access to other football related items. It’s clear that the football community has embraced blockchain technology, showing unwavering commitment to cryptocurrencies and their underpinning blockchain technology. Getting footballers onboard might play a crucial role in taking cryptocurrencies mainstream given that the sport boasts of around 3.5 billion fans, making it the most popular sport in the world.

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