Dassault Systèmes CEO: VR Drives UX Performance

Dassault Systèmes CEO: VR Drives UX Performance
November 13, 2017

The market catering to personalized and diverse demand hinges on user experience rather than product functionality, Bernard Charles, president and CEO of Dassault Systemes, has remarked at a company event in China.


At a recent global customer conference hosted in Shanghai by the French tech giant, Charles said that applications integrating VR (virtual reality), AR (augmented reality) and 3D design platform have become increasingly mature, subverting existing modes of product design, production flow, and employee on-job training. For manufacturing enterprises, how to utilize smart manufacturing and digitalization advantages to upgrade production value and efficiency has become critical to upgrading and sustaining their operations.


In response to new demand for smart manufacturing in the experience economy era, Charles said, Dassault is actively moving to optimize its 3D Experience Platform to provide such functions as product life cycle management, emulation and simulation, and integration of virtuality and reality, all needed to enhance production efficiency and create higher product values.


Charles stressed that the integration of virtuality and reality will see an increasing variety of applications, and such integration can be carried out through the 3D Experience Platform to work out new methods for analysis, validation, and product design to eventually speed up product development, shortening the time needed to convert initial product concepts into final finished goods.


He continued that manufacturing enterprises can hardly create more values through the innovations of their own or the optimization of industrial supply chain ecosystems, as the boundaries of the supply chain ecosystems are getting blurred and the advantages of the existing ecosystems are disintegrating. In this regard, virtual development and sophistication of molds as well as simulated product projection can be utilized to achieve faster production of higher-quality products.

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