Complaints Rise Against PSVR User Experience

Complaints Rise Against PSVR User Experience
October 18, 2016

It seems like a bad week for the game industry and a nightmare for game enthusiasts. Bad news and negative reviews have been everywhere and the PlayStation VR is not immune to them as latest reports from users came complaining of breakdown and resolution issues.
Those who have used the PlayStation VR have complained of screen fogging saying that it happens when the device is not placed in the right position. While it can be regarded as a minor issue, the process of removing the headset a number of times to wipe it because of fogging and positioning it in the right spot can be pretty annoying, especially if you are already immersed in the game.
Another complaint about the PlayStation VR is the screen resolution. Although the quality of the image depends on the type of game being played, the screen is generally a bit grainy. To explain this much better, the screen feels like you have worn brand new sunglasses and forgot to take off the protective film from the lenses before using them.
It is much more evident if you are playing DriveClub VR because it gives you the feeling that if you remove that imaginary protective film, then the game will be much clearer and better.
Another PSVR issue being reported was that there are times when the screen flashes the message saying you are ‘out of the playable area’ even if you only moved a bit. For example, if you are in a cockpit, you need to stay put in that area because even just a slight movement will take you out of the game area and the PlayStation VR device will stop interacting with your movements.
Again, these are just minor PlayStation VR issues but if you are playing a driving or shooting game, it can be an annoyance as it takes away the climax when the game is already intensifying.

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