China: HTC, Leke VR To Open Thousands Of Arcades

China: HTC, Leke VR To Open Thousands Of Arcades
December 19, 2016

HTC today officially announced a strategic partnership with Leke VR with the official launch of the offline Viveport Arcade platform network.


The Viveport Arcade physical platform is designed to allow the access of the audience to quality VR content and provide developers with more channels for monetization.


HTC Vive China president Alvin Wang Graylin said: "The strategic partnership between HTC Vive and Leke VR will enable both sides to successfully support the Chinese VR industry development. Users, developers and store owners will all benefit from the collaboration, which will allow the VR industry to strive.


"Leke VR online content distribution platform will also benefit from Viveport Arcade hundreds of VR high-quality library of experiences. Today Leke VR online already offers nearly 300 VR titles, 26 of them being exclusive to LekeVR.”


Priority will be given to offline store users, who will enjoy high-quality content offline a few months before it is available online.


Leke VR and HTC Vive plan an aggressive deployment in order to open more than 1000 VR arcades to before the end of this year, with thousands more stores scheduled to open in 2017.

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