Can Glyph Be A First Step To Inflight VR?

Can Glyph Be A First Step To Inflight VR?
January 8, 2017

Passengers on a few United Airlines flights this week were the first to try out a new wraparound headset that provides a more immersive multimedia experience for in-flight streaming entertainment.


A company called Avegant produces the Glyph headsets, which can integrate seamlessly with streaming Wi-Fi programming. The testing took place to see exactly how the devices worked in-flight with United’s entertainment technology, and to gather feedback from passengers about the experience.


The company promises “an immersive 360-degree experience and side-by-side 3D in amazing detail,” along with superior audio quality through the headset’s padded earphones.

Above: Headsets were handed out at the boarding gate. (Image: Avegant)

But it also stops short of what can be the disorienting view presented total virtual reality headsets. “The Avegant Glyph lets you see above and below the visual field, so you can easily orient yourself to your surroundings and not give up spatial awareness,” the company noted.


And it’s not just for in-flight use. The headset can plug into any HDMI-supported device for movies, gaming and other content, the company said.


Avegant is offering United travelers a 20 percent discount on the $549 headset if they order online by January 15.

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