Brazen, Tykes Give Under Armour An AR Dimension

Brazen, Tykes Give Under Armour An AR Dimension
December 15, 2016

Brazen Animation and Tykes have collaborated to create animated versions of some of the most iconic Under Armour athletes for an in-store augmented reality experience. Stephen Curry, Cam Newton, Tom Brady, Misty Copeland, Jordan Spieth and The Rock have all been produced as three-dimensional computer generated characters.


Bryan Engram, Brazen Animation CEO / CCO said, “All of us at Brazen absolutely loved working with Tykes and Under Armour to bring these world-class athletes to life. It was fantastic to merge animation and cutting edge technology to create a delightful and entertaining experience for all UA fans.”


The animation will be on display via innovative augmented reality technology. Installations have been unveiled at the Boston, New York, and Disney World Under Armour stores. Visitors are able to utilize the Under Armour Play app on their mobile phone or tablet to see the animations play out around a physical shoe display. 

"It’s amazing to work with a company such as Under Armour, whose focus on technology and innovation is second to none,” said Jason Woullard, Tykes CEO and Founder. “We are extremely excited to be a part of this opportunity working alongside our partners in Brazen who are the best in bringing concepts to life. I have no doubts that this is going to blow people away.”


ABOUT BRAZEN ANIMATION Brazen Animation is an audacious gathering of artists, animators, scientists, writers, designers, producers and storytellers. Industry veterans from places such as Disney, Pixar, Fox/Blue Sky, Sony, ILM, and Reel FX have joined forces. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and bold visuals, Brazen exists to encourage people to pursue greatness.

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