Brands: VR Goes From Fad To Phenomenon

Brands: VR Goes From Fad To Phenomenon
May 19, 2017

HTC Vive is to build a virtual reality headset that will run on Google’s newly-expanded Daydream platform.


The virtual reality platform, introduced last year, will now support a new line of standalone headsets that do not require a PC or smartphone connection to run.

Vive, which is already one of the leading consumer VR systems available, has confirmed it will be “one of the first” to build a standalone headset.


The announcement was made at Google’s annual developer conference I/O.

“Vive’s standalone VR headset will provide a deeper and more immersive portable VR experience than ever before,” HTC Vive said after the announcement.


“More information on Vive’s standalone VR headset will be made available soon, but rest assured it will be simple, easy-to-use and with no cables to connect. Just pick it up, put it on, and be fully immersed in your new reality.”


Most current VR systems rely on a wired connection to a computer or a smartphone to be placed into the headset acting as the screen in order to function.


The first three major systems all launched for the first time last year – HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR.


Samsung and Google also make mid-range headsets which use smartphones to power the experience.

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