BoA Expert: Stocks To Watch In VR, Social Media

BoA Expert: Stocks To Watch In VR, Social Media
December 28, 2016

Several virtual reality devices were released in 2016 and while video games are already utilizing VR at the moment, the next tech sector to implement the tech could be social media, according to Beijia Ma, equity strategist at BofA Merrill Lynch.


"Looking at millennials, roughly 90 percent have at least one social network account under their name and 71 percent have two or more," she said. "Virtual reality and augmented reality could be the most social platform in the future."


Ma suggested Infineon and Nvidia as attractive stocks in this sector.


"(Nvidia) are essentially creating new end markets for themselves and I don't think the market's fully pricing in the potential within autonomous driving as well as VR just yet," she said.

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