BMW Looks To Putting VR In Its Dealerships

BMW Looks To Putting VR In Its Dealerships
November 25, 2016

BMW might be planning to install virtual reality configurators that would help customers decide after entering a dealership, BMWBlog reports.


According to Michele Fuhs, BMW Group’s head of premium retail experience, a more interactive experience of car retail is planned to be implemented by 2018, with a ‘fully experiential retail experience’ coming two years later.


In an interview with Autocar, Michele Fuhs said, “automotive retail will not look the same in 10–15 years.” Fuhs made the comments at BMW’s future of retail symposium at its flagship Amsterdam dealer in the Netherlands.

Another German car manufacturer Audi had earlier announced to sell cars using virtual reality technology and Jaguar Land Rover is redesigning its dealerships to use virtual reality as a new marketing platform.


Recently, Jaguar revealed its first-ever electric car I-PACE via virtual reality headsets in a special event in Los Angeles and London. Spanish car maker SEAT is also known to use virtual reality to visualize and analyze their models before they go on sale in the market.


According to Javier Díaz, head of the SEAT Prototype Centre, virtual reality helps optimize production processes and accurately visualize the product.

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