Bigbox VR Gets $5M For VR Multiplayer Gaming

Bigbox VR Gets $5M For VR Multiplayer Gaming
December 11, 2018

BigBox VR, which is a Seattle, Washington based maker of the Online Virtual Reality multiplayer games has now secured $5 Million in the funding round of seed.


The round was led by the Shasta Ventures with the collaboration from the GSR Ventures and Pioneer Square Labs Ventures. Post investment, Jacob Mullins, which is a partner at Shasta Ventures, is going to join the Board of Directors. The company which has now raised a total of $6.45 Million to date, intends to use the funds to finalize its second game of development.


The company which is founded and CEO of Chia Chin Lee and Gabe Brown, game industry entrepreneurs who led launched and exits the top grossing live service products at the Sony, Microsoft, Disney, Big Box VR will also be going to launch the first FreeMotion battle royale VR game. In the year 2019, building upon its first VR game, Smashbox Arena.


The company will launch with the cross play compatibility with the HTC Vive, Window Mixed Reality and Oculus Rift with more platforms to come, and live services featuring events and the new content drops.


“For us, VR is another giant opportunity,” he told in a report. “There will be a dominant online game company, and we built [BigBox VR] aiming for that.”


“Seattle is home to many of the best gaming companies in the world,” said Greg Gottesman, managing director at Seattle-based PSL Ventures. “In a couple of years, I think we’ll be talking about BigBox as the next billion-dollar Seattle-based gaming juggernaut.”


“In a market where mainstream VR content is still lacking, a growing number of vendors are looking to commercial as a way to build their business while they wait for the consumers to catch up,” Tom Mainelli, program vice president, Devices and Augmented and Virtual Reality at IDC, said in a statement.

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