Asos Uses AR To Launch Virtual Catwalk

Asos Uses AR To Launch Virtual Catwalk
July 1, 2019

Videos of models wearing product is helpful, but today ASOS has announced it's taking it one step further with the launch of an augmented reality experience within its shopping app.


The ‘Virtual Catwalk’ will be available to anyone using the ASOS app on an iOS 11.3 device (and above) globally to see 100 new-in ASOS Design products.


Just point your smartphone camera at any suitable flat surface and click the ‘AR’ button on the product page, and you’ll be able to see a model, through your phone, as though they’re walking along the surface in front of you.


The technology has been developed in partnership with London-based augmented reality firm HoloMe.


“By allowing the consumer to bring mobile shopping into their own physical space, we can create a more intimate buying experience,” said Janosch Amstutz, CEO at HoloMe in a statement. “We are excited to see how our technology can be used as a new way to communicate to the customer.”


The test is part of ASOS’ ongoing experimentation with new technology. In recent months, ASOS has launched an Action on Google Assistant, allowing customers to shop with just their voice, and has introduced an AI-driven Fit Assistant to help customers get the right size, first time.


The online retailer is also trialling other AR features, including a tool which allows customers to view products on different size models, so customers can get a better sense of how something might fit their body shape.

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