'AR-CHECK' Revolutionizes The Cleaning Business

'AR-CHECK' Revolutionizes The Cleaning Business
December 3, 2016

Augmented Reality has taken the world by storm, especially since the release of Pokémon Go. Based on this high potential technology, AR-CHECK aims to revolutionize the professional cleaning industry, by pairing the AR-CHECK technology with smart glasses. Supporting cleaning staff by using smart glasses is already revolutionary, but the patent behind AR-CHECK puts the cherry on top.


Today, AR-CHECK is proud to announce that AR-CHECK has become an internationally patented application specifically intended for use with smart glasses. AR-CHECK is still in its developmental phase and will become a revolutionary approach to the professional cleaning industry. In about two years, AR-CHECK will support cleaning staff around the world, enhancing their services to an unmatched level.


AR-CHECK will fully respond to the future demands of the professional cleaning industry with an integrated and innovative application. Although AR-CHECK is not yet a fully functional product, it is only a matter of time before its launch will forever disrupt the professional cleaning industry.


Currently, AR-CHECK would like to invite prospect investors and strategic partners to take part in this digital revolution. Together, we can make this revolutionary technology available sooner; benefiting professional cleaning across the globe.




AR-CHECK is an internationally patented application that will be used with smart glasses once its developmental phase is complete. Still not impressed? Then prepare to be amazed! This product has tremendous potential and the following features:

  • AR-CHECK is the first solution to record and document the entire cleaning process.
  • AR-CHECK will project relevant cleaning information in real-time (procedures, tools and chemicals required).
  • AR-CHECK will display areas that require cleaning in a red overlay, while areas that have been cleaned will automatically turn green.
  • AR-CHECK will communicate with cleaning appliances through sensors. Sensors on vacuum cleaners, mops and even gloves will indicate the correct pressure to be applied during cleaning with a sponge, brush etc.
  • AR-CHECK is able to keep track of cleaning materials, as well as reorder stock as needed. It will also identify and correct any quality issues during cleaning. The system recognizes if the correct tools are used at all times.
  • AR-CHECK will act as an on-site quality controller for cleaning staff and provide permanent support all in one smooth operation.
  • AR-CHECK provides a competitive edge for the cleaning industry.

AR-CHECK promises to deliver a complete digital solution that fully covers every aspect of the cleaning process in order to reach the highest standards of quality. As a fully functional product, AR-CHECK will calculate cleaning costs, organize the bookkeeping and optimize the overall workflow.



  • Massive savings in staff training and quality control.
  • Full guiding, support and training for the cleaning staff.
  • Adherence to the highest standards of excellence.
  • Elimination of the time-consuming and cost-intensive training of new cleaning staff.

Martin Cudzilo; CEO and developer of AR-CHECK, is excited for the future of this technology and its unlimited potential. “AR-CHECK is an internationally patented novelty that is set to change the future of the cleaning industry which currently has an estimated 400 Billion USD annual international turnover. Beyond the advanced technical functionality, AR-CHECK is committed to continuing product development. We seek visionary investors and strategic partners ready to join us in changing the future of cleaning services,”explained Martin Cudzilo.




AR-CHECK is an innovative provider of digital solutions patented to maximize the operational chain of professional cleaning. AR-CHECK is a registered patent, and will support related professionals in delivering high-end cleaning services. In 2016, AR-CHECK had the honor to be number one of the top five most innovative start-up companies in Germany, Switzerland and Austria (deutsche-startups.de).


When AR-CHECK is released, it will maximize professional cleaning services, staff efficiency and reduce billing time, making use of the most revolutionary technology of the century - augmented reality.

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