Alibaba Introduces New Shopping Experience In VR

Alibaba Introduces New Shopping Experience In VR
October 30, 2016

Chinese Alibaba Group is introducing virtual reality shopping experience to celebrate its 11.11 shopping festival. Consumers using a VR cardboard will be able to shop at virtual stores like Macy’s, Target, Costco and Chemist Warehouse.
The Chinese e-commerce giant says the entire shopping experience, will take place inside the VR environment without removing the headset. Shoppers will be able to walk around the virtual malls and pay for their purchases by nodding their head.
The virtual stores will be open between November 1–11. To promote the virtual reality shopping experience, Chinese e-commerce giant is planning to distribute 150,00 VR headsets.
Alibaba’s 11.11 Global Shopping Festival is known to be the world’s largest shopping event in one day. In 2015 the 24-hour sales reached $14.3 billion and surpassed “Cyber Monday.”
Since 1990’s November 11 is celebrated as the “Single’s Day” in China. The name comes from the date consisting of four “one”s. (11.11); the company introduced the new VR shopping experience on its official Twitter account (video in the link).

Above: Infographic Source — Alibaba Group
The Single’s Day festival is popular amongst the Chinese young population as a way to appreciate their attitude for remaining single. In 2012, Alibaba Group trademarked the term Double 11 in China.
First debuted in 2009, this year’s event will feature well-known global brands like Apple, Nike, Bose, Samsung, Burberry and even the luxury car maker Maserati.

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