Air Canada Uses VR To Market Its Inflight Experience

Air Canada Uses VR To Market Its Inflight Experience
November 13, 2017

First class on one airline does not necessarily offer the same experience on another airline. This is because airlines are competing with each other to offer its passengers a better experience, and for the most part unless you’ve flown that particular airline before, it’s hard to tell what you might be able to expect from your experience.


However Air Canada is hoping to change that by developing a virtual reality (VR) experience that will allow travel agents and potential customers to “try” before they buy. This means that prior to purchasing their ticket, the VR experience will let customers experience three cabins of service that Air Canada offers on board its Boeing 787 Dreamliner.


According to Air Canada, “With the headset on, and controls in hand, the journey begins with an overview of Air Canada’s global route network followed by an exploration of the new Air Canada livery. On the trip users can experience all three cabins: Economy, Premium Economy or International Business. Amenity kits, an Air Canada enRoute magazine, tray tables, and in-flight entertainment are just some of the elements that can be touched, opened and moved, guided by an audio-based flight attendant. Interactive experiences such as dinner service add an extra element of fun.”


This VR experience can be viewed on YouTube with an accompanying VR headset, like the Google Cardboard, for example, or the Daydream View, so if you have any of those devices handy, then check out the videos above and below to take the virtual tour.

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