Adult VR Blows Up In Sales Thanks To Rift Promotion

Adult VR Blows Up In Sales Thanks To Rift Promotion
July 14, 2017

Many people contemplated whether VR gaming could rise in popularity. As suspected, all it needed was a price drop. And thanks to their recent headset discount, Oculus has burst into the spotlight. That’s not all that’s bursting, though.


The new Oculust Rift deal included a bundled headset, Oculus Touch, and motion sensors along with seven games for $399. That’s half the original cost. Thus, the VR playerbase has increased, much to the benefit of developers. According to recent sales numbers, the surge in VR software sales directly correlates to the increase in hardware purchases.


The rise in VR ownership has transcended the Oculus Store, however.


Another type of software has seen an increase in sales. In the past 36 hours, popular hentai title VR Girlfriend has seen record sales numbers. In his recent Twitter posting, game creator yunayuna64 posted an update on the game’s performance. Apparently, VR Girlfriend jumped 200% in purchases, likely a direct correlation between it and Oculus Rift sales.


But, gamers like to diversify. Alongside VR Girlfriend, we have Waifu Sex Simulator seeing a similar thrust in revenue. Over 60% to be near exact. Along with increased sales, the hentai-packed game of cathartical relief now has over 20 patrons on Patreon. Undoubtedly, gamers are thrilled by the creator’s craft and wish to see his project reach its proper climax in design.


As the industry grows, we’ll only continue to see a mutually beneficial relationship between adult entertainment and VR. According to Xbiz via Gamerevolution, 38% of VR headsets are purchased with the intent to use Adult VR. Additionally, we can expect the revenue to increase with time.

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