Acer Pushing MR And VR Hardware

Acer Pushing MR And VR Hardware
May 4, 2017

Acer’s mixed reality (MR) head-mounted display (HMD) that it developed jointly with Microsoft has recently begun shipments and the company has already shipped around 1,000 units of the device mainly to content developers. Acer’s StarVR HMD shipments have also been picking up rapidly thanks to demand from IMAX’s VR experience centers, according to Acer CEO Jason Chen.


Chen noted that Acer has been expanding its VR business into aerospace, real estate and automotive manufacturing applications and has been shipping samples or small-volume supply to clients.


At the company’s new product launch conference for back-to-school demand last week, Acer unveiled several new PC products including gaming PCs such as Predator Triton 700. Chen noted that the gaming PCs are not the final destination for Acer, as the company is now aggressively expanding its development of new applications, such as virtual reality (VR) and MR. Currently, the VR market has three major development directions: Google’s Cardboard; VR HMD from companies such as Facebook and HTC; and professional HMDs such as Acer’s StarVR.


Chen pointed out that VR products are becoming mature in terms of technology, but lack of content is still a major issue that has greatly limited the market. Acer has been aggressively cooperating with IMAX and expects many VR movies to come starting this summer.


Acer also partnered with Starbreeze to target the gaming content area and is considering expanding its investment in content development.

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