3 Stocks To Watch For VR Investment

3 Stocks To Watch For VR Investment
March 22, 2017



  • MSDI is quickly securing market placement, with ultra competitive prices that do not compromise on quality.


  • GPRO may finally grab traction in the VR drone market, but still has enormous intrinsic value.


  • GOOGL is the gorilla in the industry, with the muscle to acquire and develop to maintain their advantage in a projected $33 billion industry in 2022.


It's ironic that investors continue to watch financial news networks and read numerous blogs in search of the next greatest investment opportunity in the market, when the answer to what they seek is staring them straight in the face, or directly in the eyes for that matter.


Professional investors are already all over this sector, and they are actively filling their portfolios with as many shares of "action camera" (AC) and VR companies as they can afford. Their secret, though, only gets let out of the bag once these stocks have already benefited from high double digit, or even triple digit gains. Then, they happily get rotated into retail hands at much higher valuations. But, retail investors can benefit now, as well....they simply need to know where to look.


Remember "plastics", the high-flying sector that was pitched in The Graduate in 1967? Well, depending on the generation, some will, and they know that the market is still focused on these transformative innovations. If you are a savvy investor, you should also acknowledge that paying attention to buzz words is still very much in vogue. And for those looking for a tip, and a sure way to potentially make significant money over the next five years, then here are two buzz words that you need to know: "Virtual Reality".


Most people are probably well aware of the term, Virtual Reality, but, as far as considering the technology as an investment opportunity, most don't give it a second thought. Although VR is not exactly rocket science, it does come pretty close in how it can amaze and mesmerize a user. For those that have not had the opportunity to witness a VR simulation, head down to your closest mobile phone outlet and ask for a demo. Once you take the test view, you'll be hooked.

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