2017: The Year Virtual Reality Grows And Stays

2017: The Year Virtual Reality Grows And Stays
May 19, 2017

Virtual reality headsets are one of the fastest growing industries in the world today, with more massive companies trying to get a piece of the cake and bringing out their very own headsets does this mean 2017 is the year for VR? Samsung, Sony, HTC and many other major organizations have realized just how much money this industry is already generating, and what its potential is. Although VR had a poor start to 2017 it is likely that it will catch up and with the release of new and improved models, things can only get better for consumers.


Because there are now so many different manufacturers of VR headsets it is getting better by the day off the public when it comes to picking the right device for them. More variety, competitive pricing, updated features and much more will be driven at an even faster rate thanks to the thriving industry competition. Sony has nearly sold a million of their PlayStation VR headsets however they say this number is good and the sales have been better than expected. But the rest of the industry doesn’t follow suit.


150 Billion Dollars in 2020


The Virtual reality industry is estimated to be worth 2 Billion Dollars in today’s market with over 6.3 million devices being shipped around the world in 2016 alone! There is nothing but growth Insight as well with predictions of an industry worth around 150 Billion Dollars in 2020. If you decided to include AR (augmented reality) in these figures the estimated worth in 2020 would be over 115 Billion Dollars which is a truly astonishing figure. We can see why lots of companies have recently decided to get their spot on the market. Google came up with one of the best ideas when they decided to make it possible for people to use their smartphones as a VR device. They went and created the Google cardboard which is a $5 cardboard headset which you could even make at home if you want to be as cost-effective as possible. After downloading a couple of apps you are able to experience some cool VR games and destinations.


Increase in Audiences


Because of this, the VR world has opened up to a much wider audience, meaning that anyone with a couple of spare dollars and a relatively new smartphone (literally as long as it has been released within the past 5/6 years it should be fine) you can join in on the fun. Although we do have to note it is nowhere near as realistic as it would be if you were using an HTC vive, Oculus Rift or one of the many other, more expensive models on the market.


However, this presents the perfect opportunity for anyone who is considering purchasing a top end VR device to test it out and see if these type of devices are for them! This is where virtual reality hire companies have filled the void. James Frazer of UK based company Virtual Reality Experiences says “we have seen a huge increase in the first quarter of 2017 in people and organisations hiring VR headsets. This rapid rise in demand looks set to increase even further”.


So is 2017 the year of Virtual reality, well at this very moment it’s hard to say. Although it doesn’t look like it is going to be with sales already falling behind estimations. But this isn’t to say that they couldn’t catch back up. The major problem at the moment is the cost of these headsets; most people don’t want to fork out more than $400 for a device which doesn’t have that much content as of yet and which they know will be half price the following year due to advancements in technology. That is the main reason why many people have opted for the cheaper versions of these headsets such as the Google Cardboard, Google Daydream, Samsung VR2 and much more!


Improvements still to be made


Just because 2017 may not be the year that VR takes over the world and makes its way into everyone’s households doesn’t mean the industry will stay the same. Massive improvements are expected to be made, as well as some fantastic and innovative devices being released. We still believe that if the industry doesn’t hit its 2020 targets then it will be very close as more and more people are discovering the Virtual world on a daily basis. Plus the fact with many of the issues such as motion sickness and lack of content being fixed as we speak there are only going to be more reasons for you to pick up a VR headset!


We hope that you have learned some interesting things about the Virtual reality world whilst reading this article; do you think that 2017 will turn out to be the year of VR? Or are we a few years away from seeing the proper takeoff of these devices? If you’d like to learn more about virtual reality, the industry and latest devices make sure you check out some of our other articles!

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