Venice Biennale: Visit The French Pavilion In 360°

Venice Biennale: Visit The French Pavilion In 360°
May 27, 2017

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“I’ve always been fascinated by the structures devoted to sound—loudspeakers, amplifiers, microphones—but also rooms, like concert halls or recording studios,” says artist Xavier Veilhan, who represents France at the 57th Venice Biennale. This fascination spurred his vision for the French Pavilion: a sculptural installation that houses a working recording studio, where musicians from around the world have been invited to perform and record music in the company of Biennale visitors.


Co-curated by Lionel Bovier and artist Christian Marclay, “Studio Venezia” fuses music with the visual arts in one immersive space, and celebrates the cross-disciplinary, experimental spirit of historic art schools such as the Bauhaus and Black Mountain College. Here, an opera singer and pianist from Paris’s Académie de l’Opéra and avant-garde duo My Cat Is An Alien from Turin kick off the first of many sessions to unfold over the six months ahead. Step into Veilhan’s studio-sculpture to experience the sights and sounds of the French Pavilion in 360 degrees.


Cover photo by Jarrard Cole.


For the most immersive 3D experience, watch in Google Cardboard via the YouTube app.

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