VR Funding Scheme Benefits UK Theatre Projects

VR Funding Scheme Benefits UK Theatre Projects
November 26, 2018
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Site-specific theatre company Dante or Die is among the recipients of £1 million in government funding to create new immersive experiences in areas including theatre, gaming, film and TV.


Funding was awarded to 32 projects as part of the government’s Audience of the Future initiative, which aims to make the UK a world leader in new technologies such as virtual reality.


Dante or Die and another organisation, Marmelo Limited, have been awarded £43,541 to experiment with new ways of bringing site-specific theatre to a wider audience, including through using a virtual reality headset or a smartphone.


Other theatre-related projects include the University of Portsmouth and Limbik Theatre’s Fatherland, which will combine live theatre performance and digital technology to “blur the barrier between reality and virtual reality”, say its makers. The project aims to enable theatre audiences to experience a virtual reality performance without every audience member having to wear a headset.


The ALIVEmusic project, from participants including Queen Mary University of London, will explore how live music performance can be enhanced using digital production, while a project called The Big Bang Immersive Experience from Hidden Narratives aims to “unite TV fiction, immersive technology, immersive theatre and gaming”.


Some of the projects will be given the opportunity to progress to further research and development, depending on the initial outcome.


The funding comes from the government’s £1 billion Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund, which aims to support the growth of sectors including robotics and artificial intelligence, self-driving vehicles and space technology.

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