VRrOOm Africa VR Tour: Stopover In Kigali, Rwanda

VRrOOm Africa VR Tour: Stopover In Kigali, Rwanda
May 14, 2017

VRrOOm continues its 6 month-journey across Africa to discover the regional and local ecosystems and understand the needs of the African youth, entrepreneurs and business students.


Louis Schieber, VRrOOm MarCom Director EMEA is now in Rwanda, his fourth stop after Morocco, Senegal and Ivory Coast. The above video was shot in Kigali at the Klab's startup incubator, where he met with local gamers at the country's largest monthly gaming event, organized by ABA Gamers in collaboration with VRrOOm.


It was most participants' first experience of Virtual Reality, and the young crowd was very inspired. Rwanda is in the middle massive re-construction process and we wouldn't be surprised to see a VR ecosystem emerging in Kigali, supported by the vibrant local startup community and the growing interest of international investors, who can find here a system proposing financial advantages.


Watch the Kigali youth trying out virtual reality games for the first time in our short video.

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