Is A Membership Worth It?

Is A Membership Worth It?
December 8, 2019
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VRPorn is cost-effective, but does it doesn’t compromise quality.


Not convinced that virtual reality is the future of pornography? Just ask any of the hundreds of companies that have heavily invested in it. It’s easy to understand why people feel hesitant: There’s still a stigma around watching porn, and at first, it might feel awkward to use a headset to do it. But embracing technology will let you feel like you’re in the room with the performers or, even better, performing yourself. The only downside is the cost. That’s where a VRPorn membership comes in.


Drawing bits and pieces from some of the biggest VR studios in pornography, is positioned as a catch-all for virtual reality porn. Is it worth your investment, or should you find your VR comforts somewhere else? Here’s everything you need to know about a VRPorn membership, from its cost to features and more.


VRPorn cost

$19.95 per month

$95.40 per year



If you’re just dipping your toes in the water of virtual reality pornography, VRPorn is an incredible deal. A basic month of premium access costs just $19.95 per month, less than many standard porn sites. However, if you buy for a full year, the deals are even better. A full year of access to VRPorn will set you back just $95.40 per year, or $7.95 per month. If cost is a major factor for you, VR Porn is a steal. 

VRPorn membership benefits

1) Content from 84 different studios

Your VRPorn subscription comes with thousands of videos to browse. There are over 2,811 scenes in total spread across the premium membership end of the site. Because VRPorn draws its content from a wide range of sites, you’ll always get the ultimate in variety for your investment. 


2) Diverse performers

One area VRPorn excels is the diversity of its performers. In part that’s because the site doesn’t have any original content and builds its library with scenes from other sites. This makes VRPorn a tasting menu of erotic content with wide variety of scenes, kinks, models, and more.


3) High-quality scenes 

VRPorn lives and dies by the quality of its content—and doesn’t slack. While you will not find 4K video here, there are thousands of 1080p HD videos to browse. It’s mind-boggling to imagine that someone has already made a budget-friendly and diverse VR porn site. The only downside is that the site’s difficult navigation and tagging make it difficult to search for your favorite models. Still, after an hour on the site, you’ll get the idea. 

4) No download limits 

Unlike many other porn sites out there, VRPorn doesn’t limit how much its subscribers can download each month. Given the size of VR files, that’s a blessing. VR Scenes average 30 to 50 minutes and take up more space than standard video files. Given the sheer variety of content on display at VRPorn, gathered from 80-plus different sites, the lack of download limits makes sampling a little bit of everything easy.


5) Free site

Not sure if VRPorn is for you? Don’t worry. There are thousands of free samples on VR Porn’s website even before you sign up for a Premium membership. Given the sheer number of options, we can’t promise that all of them work. But there are more than enough sample scenes here to figure out if VRPorn is the site for you. 


6)  LGBTQ friendly 

No matter what you’re into, VR Porn has some premium content for you. The vast majority of the site’s 2,800-plus scenes feature straight couples, but VRPorn also offers almost 50 gay male-on-male scenes with the price of admission. In a highly fractured porn scene that usually separates genres, that’s a major bonus. 


VRPorn membership cons

1) No exclusive videos

While VR Porn features 2800+ videos from 84 different studios there’s one thing it lacks: content of its own. This may seem like a minor complaint, especially when you consider the thousands of options from sites around the world you get with your subscription. For most users, this won’t be a dealbreaker. After all, you sign up to cast a wide net for content. Still, if you’re looking for something you can’t find anywhere else, this isn’t it. 


2) Free content is deeply limited

VRPorn deserves to be celebrated for having a free section, but it’s incredibly limited. You’ll almost never find a full scene. Instead, you’ll find 4 to 10 minute clips from other movies. Even if you sign up for a full membership, sometimes you’ll find a free video that isn’t included with the Premium membership. It’s a little odd. That being said, VRPorn deserves props for having a free section in the first place. 

Is VR Porn worth it?

VR Porn is, in many ways, the Costco of virtual reality pornography. You don’t go to it to find a perfect, lovingly curated porn experience, you go for the quantity. Currently, no other site offers the sheer variety VRPorn offers to users. From massive names like Naughty America VR and BaDoinkVR to lesser-known studios like 3DHologroup, your membership comes with more content than you could probably ever watch. Since your library comes from so many different studios, you might run out of scenes from your favorite creators and have to explore to find your next option. 


That said, if you’re still figuring out what you want from VR pornography, VRPorn is a perfect tasting menu. You can try out everything the genre has to offer, from traditional gonzo scenes to terrifying CGI creations, all for one low cost. We would be surprised to see anyone become a long term member of VR Porn, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth subscribing for a few months to see what it has to offer. 

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