Virtual Mate's 'Stroking Device' Will Make You 'Feel Real'

Virtual Mate's 'Stroking Device' Will Make You 'Feel Real'
June 19, 2020
The girlfriends are part of a 'game' with different modesCredit: Virtual Mate


VIRTUAL reality "photo-realistic" girlfriends that pleasure users with a sex toy in real life are now on sale.


Virtual Mate has started shipping its VR compatible 'stroking' device that can make a wearer feel like a woman is in the room with them.

A crowdfunding campaign for the device that enables users to play the Virtual Mate 'game' was started last year.


It works by syncing up a masturbator sleeve with a virtual girlfriend that you can look at on a screen.


The software and gadget is currently on sale for $169.00 (£135).


This pervy package includes access to the online Virtual Mate game and the "multi-functional male stroker" sex toy.

Virtual girlfriends that romp with you are now on saleCredit: Virtual Mate


This price is only an introductory offer though as the standard retail price is $399 (£320).


You also have to pay more if you want specific customisations to the game to make it more personal.


Buyers will need a PC, smartphone or VR headset to view their virtual girlfriend on.


According to Sex Tech Guide, around 5,000 estimated deliveries of the devices will be sent out over the next couple of months.

The Virtual Mate lover comes with a 'stroking device' called the CoreCredit: Virtual Mate
The Core is packed with sensors and motors that link up to the Virtual Mate girlfriendCredit: Virtual Mate


The stroking gadget is called The Core, and gathers and transfers motion data from the on-screen character to the device.


It slots over a player's todger, and is loaded with a plethora of real-time sensors.


These allow the game's "virtual lover" to react to a player's "every movement, depth, speed, and strength", according to her engineers.


Movements are beamed via Bluetooth to the player's computer or phone, changing how the virtual girlfriend responds to them.


You can play in quick mode or story mode, depending on how much time you have.

Virtual Mate works across a range of devicesCredit: Virtual Mate


Story mode is said to have a variety of plots.


Virtual Mate's creators previously told The Sun that adult film stars would compete to appear as the next Virtual Mate.

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