Naughty America Launches AR Virtual Strippers

Naughty America Launches AR Virtual Strippers
March 3, 2019
Above: Naughty America can use AR to put strippers in your bedroom. The company has had a meeting room at CES for a few years. Image Credit: Naughty America


Naughty America unveiled its augmented reality technology last month shows you virtual strippers with a smartphone or AR glasses app. And today, the company said its naughty “holograms” are now available for viewing on AR platforms as well as iOS.


On iOS, you can access about 50 holograms from Naughty America via a third-party web browser. Naughty America showed off the technology at the Las Vegas Convention Center during CES 2019, the big tech trade show.


Andreas Hronopoulos,the  CEO of Naughty America, said in an interview with VentureBeat that last year’s experiment with AR using computer animated graphics didn’t turn out as well as expected. It turned out to be too hard for animators to create realistic-looking versions of real models.


“We had to pivot, and so we settled on holograms,” Hronopoulos said in our interview. “We did a full turn based on the feedback from partners and customers. We’re moving out of AR and VR and a lot more toward holograms.”


Instead of animations, the company now uses volumetric video captures, and that becomes like bringing a stripper into your living room, he said. It’s a lot like viewing 3D content on a phone or a VR screen.


“The content is similar, but the customer wants to look at holograms,” Hronopoulos said. “It’s a prerecorded video experience that you can walk around in and experience. We present them in the form of a GIF, or you can view them with a headset.”

Above: Naughty America’s AR strippers. Image Credit: Naughty America


The volumetric video capture looks a lot more like a real person. The ideas of embracing innovation and technology is central to Naughty America, he said, as a lifestyle brand. Very few rivals have made similar investments in new technologies, but Hronopoulos said he views his company as a forward-looking technology company. He is looking forward to AR devices of the future which will have wider fields of view than current models.


“For now, the phone is still the place to watch the holograms,” he said.

Above: The future of augmented reality? Image Credit: Naughty America


The AR imagery is already accessible accessible via an Android app, and the company had to wait until a third-party browser was available for it to work on iOS.


He said the company continues to work on what will be its “VR Holodeck” experience.


“Technology and porn go together because things iterate so fast,” Hronopoulos said.


From pictures, to videos, to ultra-high resolution videos, to virtual reality (VR), and now augmented reality (AR) with holographic performers, Naughty America has always tried to be at the forefront of adult entertainment tech, seeking to make the user experience ever more realistic, Hronopoulos said.


He said that the “six degrees of freedom” provided in holograms means that you can move an object around the room based on the number of axes that a body can freely move in three-dimensional space. Holograms are made to appear in your world, just as if they were real objects, providing you with an interactive, 360-degree view that you can control.

Above: Uh, yep. Image Credit: Naughty America


Naughty America’s augmented reality (AR) platform lets you scan a room and then superimpose Naughty America’s performers into your current place. The merging of any actual environment with Naughty America’s performers brings the performer right into your presence.


While Naughty America’s holograms can work with AR-compatible headsets, no headset is required. You view holographic content on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Today the platforms are the HTC Vive app, Oculus Rift app, and Android app, but iOS compatibility is available now. As for the testing so far, Hronopoulos said, “We’re getting enough views where it makes sense to release more.”

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