Monster Girls, Femdoms: The Best Of Adult VR

Monster Girls, Femdoms: The Best Of Adult VR
March 30, 2019
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Virtual reality isn’t just for racing sims and first-person shooters. Now that virtual reality headsets like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive have been out for a couple of years, the market for adult VR games is booming. It’s diverse too. Furries can hop in and pose their favorite anthropomorphic creatures having sex, subs can kneel before their goddesses in a virtual BDSM encounter, and players can hang out on a date with the adorable girl next door.


There’s an enormous assortment of VR porn games out there, and while some aren’t worth your time, others are pushing the boundaries of porn in gaming. If you’re interested in seeing the best of the best in 18+ VR games, here’s where you should start.


The best adult VR games

Best VR hentai game: Waifu Sex Simulator

Lewd Fraggy/VRPorn


The name on the tin says it all. This VR game lets you have sex with your favorite anime characters.


Lewd Fraggy’s Waifu Sex Simulator is a sandbox porn game where players choose from over 1,000 models from some of the most popular series in geekdom. Just load your preferred character model, select from over 300 different animations, and enjoy a first-person romp with your fictional crush. From Overwatch’s Mercy to fan-favorite Bowsette, there are literally hundreds of options to choose from. And if you don’t feel like having sex, you can hang out with your character or watch them dance.


Waifu Sex Simulator’s latest release, version 3.2, lets users interact with models via Leap Motion, use dildos and other accessories, strip clothing from your character, or edit their size on the fly. Check out the game over at VRPorn or consider subscribing to Lewd Fraggy’s Patreon.


Best BDSM VR porn game: Dominatrix Simulator

Deviant Tech


We’ve recommended Dominatrix Simulator a couple of times now, both as one of the best VR BDSM games and one of the most realistic adult games on Steam. But it’s worth mentioning Dominatrix Simulator yet again for its innovative VR controls.


While most adult VR games tend to lean more toward fantasy than realism, Dominatrix Simulator is all about an immersive, educational femdom experience. The game lets players choose their gender and interact with their domme by following her commands. This includes motion recognition through VR controllers. For instance, when your domme commands you to kneel, you can position your controllers alongside your kneeling, letting your dominant know that you’ve complied with her commands. It’s both a neat gameplay feature and a fascinating approach to VR that lets players immerse themselves in a sexual scene that is (consensually) outside of their control.


For the time being, Dominatrix Simulator players can experience the game’s free teaser demo, Dominatrix Simulator: Threshold, on both and Steam. The game’s developer Deviant Tech is also on Patreon, where patrons can access early builds of the game.


Best adult VR game for furries: Yiffalicious



If there’s one thing the furry community loves, it’s porn. Yiffalicious is a testament to that.


Yiffalicious is a “dynamic yiff engine” that lets users pose characters, watch them have sex, and save their favorite scenes for later. While similar to Waifu Sex Simulator, the Yiffalicious team’s game is much more advanced. Players can set up and save poses, watch sex scenes from a character’s POV, create procedurally generated animations via movement sliders, and even change impact sliders during anal sex. Don’t feel like posing characters? No need to. You can use the Yiff Cloud to check out other players’ animations. It’s the perfect adult furry sandbox game, and it doesn’t hurt that it supports VR headsets.


To get started with Yiffalicious, head over to the game’s official website and check out its tutorial video. If you’re interested in supporting the creators. check out their Patreon.


Most immersive adult VR game: VR Kanojo



Anyone can create a VR porn game, but it takes care and dedication to create a realistic one. VR Kanojo is just that.


Illusion’s VR Kanojo lets players hang out with Sakura Yuuhi, a Japanese girl relaxing in her house during an off day. Players can change Sakura’s appearance and hang out with her while she studies through an immersive first-person point-of-view. Best of all, the game features a wide range of adult scenes and interactions players can engage in. From fondling Sakura to watching her shower, VR Kanojo Sakura responds like a real, living person. It’s easy to forget that you’re in a VR porn game.


VR Kanojo is available for download on Steam. The game supports a wide range of VR experiences, from sitting to room scale, as well as cross-headset support with the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Windows Mixed Reality.

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