Meet The VR Sexologist(s) On VRrOOm @VRChat Today!

Meet The VR Sexologist(s) On VRrOOm @VRChat Today!
April 13, 2020
The VR Sexologist - an idea by Cathline Smoos & Sammie de Vries - Design Graphism by Landy Ravarombato


TheVRsexologist is the first live sex tech podcast in Virtual Reality! Every month our community will meet in VRchat and Altspace VR to discuss the newest and latest evolution of sex. Travel through cyberspace, to talk about the latest in cybersex. Today at 6 pm CET (or 9 am PST), join the VR Sexologist creators on VRrOOm @VRChat to watch a film made inside VRChat and discuss the topic of relationships in virtual reality.


Sex has been a taboo subject for years and for most people it still is. People feel afraid to ask for help with a sexual problem. You can feel shame or guilt about problems that are actually very common. 


This is why Cathline Smoos and Sammie de Vries created the VR sexologist. A live VR podcast, where people from all over the world can join in VR to talk about sex! TheVRsexologist uses VRchat and Altspace VR, VR applications where everybody with a computer or a headset can join our conversation. 


Cathline Smoos and Sammie de Vries will be the show’s presenters. Cathline is a sex tech expert and sexologist that has helped thousands of people with their sexual problems. Sammie is an expert in VR psychology and VR storytelling. Every week we will talk about different topics related to sex and VR, like virtual relationships, VR kinks and fetishes and even how to build a sex world. We also go into VRchat to interview people in VR about the subject. Sometimes Cathline will invite experts on certain topics, but every episode there will be a moment where people can ask questions and talk about their personal experiences. 


The show is in VR, not only because this medium is the frontier of sex tech, but also because every participant will be anonymous. This will create an open atmosphere where people will feel safe to talk about sex! VR is the new frontier of our culture. Every week Cathline and Sammie will go and explore this intercultural world where reality and the virtual become one.


About the creators:  

The VR sexologist

CEO of ImbueVR ("VR fantasy for couples"), Cathline Smoos is a clinical psychologist and sexologist located in Lyon. She specializes in sex tech and is passionate about the world of sexuality, imagination, and freedom. 

Smoos divides her time between helping individuals overcome sexual and relational difficulties in her private practice. She also does consultancy and gives talks about her explorations and research in various fields related to sexuality, love, health and culture.


Some of her works include: 

  • PussyTalk - Takes Sexting to Next Level with SMS-controlled Sex Toys

  • InBedWithLaurentGarnier- Turns Techno Beats into Sex Toy Pleasure Pulses

  • InBedWithOcean - Innovative Project Mixes Sex and the Ocean

  • GPSex - GPSex Uses Sex Toys and AR to Make Strolls to Your Lover Hotter Than Ever

  • BeMySextoy VR - Embodied a sex toy from purchase to orgasm in VR 


The VR Storyteller

Sammie de Vries is a social psychologist, writer and VR developer, who specializes in VR storytelling and VR psychology. He has been working with VR for 8 years to bring together VR and story. 

Some of his works include:

  • CUBE - A VR spaceship created together with the Amsterdam zoo ARTIS and Dutch astronaut Andre Kuipers.

  • Free Flight VR - A VR documentary about two gay vultures being released into the wild.

  • VR exposure - A VR multiplayer exposure therapy 

  • The VR silent disco - A multiplayer free roam VR silent disco for 8 people


Why did we decide to use Virtual Reality? 

We think Virtual reality is the most powerful immersive tool we ever had, and we love it! 

After Letters, then phone, then Skype, we think virtual reality can help us to connect deeply and can offer something that we really miss with the other technology: the feeling of presence, the immersion, the crazy fun ! 


When we meet in VR, we have the feeling that we are in the same place together, we can connect deeply, and share more emotions. You even make memories together. When you think back on what you did in VR, it is like it really happened. 


VR allows us to use different avatars.You are free of judgment, you can be whatever you want ! If you feel more comfortable in a dinosaur avatar or a tomato soup, well, just be one! In VR you can remain anonymous! You don’t have to share your real name, you can ask questions, share your experience with others without being known!  


You don’t need a VR headset to use VRchat or AltspaceVR, you can use a computer, but it is much more fun to be in VR with us. 


TheVRsexologist Podcast

Each month - join TheVrsexologist Podcast and discover a subject about sex & VR, 

What will the show be about ? 


-> Gain new skills together with our special guests and sexologist 

-> Discover interview and amazing stories of real people in VRchat

-> Participate actively, ask question to our specialist, tell us your story


All the podcasts will be aired on Youtube if you want to see it again! 


In order to be able to take part in one or the other of the meetings, you will have to add us on VRchat: TheVRs3xologist / TheVRsexologist 


Episodes :

#1 - Relationships in Virtual Reality (Cathline and Sammie talk about their relationship in VR) APRIL 

#2 - Long distance Sex in Virtual Reality - (Special Guest : Aurélien FACHE)  Monday MAY

#3 - Infedelity in VR Monday JUNE ---- ( Esther Perel ?) 

#4 - Sexual Harassment in VR (Special Guest : creator of VRchat? ) AUGUST

#5 - The power of genderswap in VR (Dr.Trudy Barber  & Daniel Gonzalez-Franco from ) SEPTEMBER

#6 - Kink & Fetish in Virtual Reality - (special guest: Yann MINH) OCTOBER

#7 - VR porn - (special guest: Nearly Norman & VRpornstar to define & Erika Lust ? Badoink ? ) NOVEMBER

#8 - Sex with AI (special guest: Trudy Barber & Virtual mate?) DECEMBER
#9 - Build me a VR Sexworld (special guest: Yann MINH)  JANUARY 

#10 - Amazing VR SexStories FEBRUARY (you are our guests) 


Consultation One by One

If after the podcast you want to go deeper into certain subjects or talk about your problems with Cathline, it is possible to have a consultation with the VR sexologist! We have only one mission in mind: to save the planet from the shame of sex and love, to restore your self-confidence, by delivering you all the secrets of pleasure, desire, and play. If you want specific advice and therapy, you can meet me in my private World on VRchat (you don’t need a headset for this!). Check the to contact me and make an appointment. I will give you all the information, in order to give you a great expérience for your first virtual consultation. 


When can I go to a sexologist ? 


  • fear about sexuality in general: first time, trying new practice. 

  • questions on my own sexuality 

  • erectile disorder

  • premature éjaculation

  • lack of desire

  • Difficulties to achieve orgasm 

  • questions related to relationships 


Why is it so difficult to ask for help, support, or just listening? 

  • Shame and guilt: sexuality is still a taboo subject today, and communicating about these difficulties is not easy. 

  • Access to care: There are few sexologists, and most of them are located in big cities, or capitals. 

  • Fear of judgment 

  • Fear of being recognized when leaving a sex therapist's office... 

  • Lack of knowledge of the practice 

The 1st consultation will be free of charge for the readers of  VRrOOm with the code: VRSEXO2020

How to join the VRSexologist today at the Break Down These Walls Festival

Access the festival's interactive social experience in 6DoF

via PC, laptops (excluding Mac), all types of PC VR headsets, and Quest*:

Please check the VRrOOm world inside the VRChat app starting March 30, 2020, at 2pm PST.

Design and interface created by MID and NTW, based in Turin with the participation of our media partner The Ghost Howls.

*Access with Quest alone may result in a lesser 360 films' image quality in some instances.

Access the festival's solo viewing experience in 3DoF

via mobile phones, tablets, mobile VR and PC VR headsets on the VRrOOm XR Festivals App, powered by our partners Bemersive, based in Paris

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