Erotic Manga's VR Version Reveals Voice Cast

Erotic Manga's VR Version Reveals Voice Cast
February 28, 2019

When Maybe's Tales of Wedding Rings manga jumped from black and white pages to virtual reality, it opened a whole new world of possibilities for readers. Tales of Wedding Rings is a fantasy romantic comedy starring Satou, a guy whose magical powers increase as he continues to collect more and more brides.


Where Tales of Wedding Rings is teasing in its content, World’s End Harem isn't hiding its goal to titillate. Creators Link and Kotaro Shono's story of a cryogenically frozen scientist enlisted to help repopulate Earth with a group of buxom women is heading into the virtual world courtesy of DMM Games in March.


The first five-minute chapter will star character Akira Todo voiced by Marie Miyake(Silver SpoonPenguindrum) and is slated for release on March 4. The second chapter will star Shizuka Itou (A Certain Magical Index, Fate/kaleid liner Prisma) as Mira Suou and the third episode will star Itou and Yuu Asakawa (Fate/stay nightIkki Tousen) as Mira and Akane Ryuzoji. The third episode will also include appearances by characters Maria Kuroda and Rea Katagiri.


The individual chapters use gravure idols Miho Abe, Arisa Yamamoto, Momoka Yotsuba, Minami Sawa, and Mitsuki Itō as its motion actors.


Chapters two and three are slated for release this month followed by a bundled release of all the chapters also slated for March. The chapters will cost 1,400 yen (US$12.50) each for the high quality version.


DMM Pictures' booth will have a special room at the AnimeJapan convention to try out the World’s End Harem VR Mira Suou experience. Minami Sawa will be at the booth in cosplay during the event. Sawa and Abe will host the VR game's stage event at AnimeJapan.


Seven Seas' adult imprint Ghost Ship is releasing the World’s End Harem manga in English and shipped the fourth volume on February 19. There are eight volumes released so far in Japan and a total of 3 million copies in print.

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