Camoji App Turns You Into A Virtual Sex Bot

Camoji App Turns You Into A Virtual Sex Bot
March 27, 2019
Users can design a character with different hair colour, breast size and even bum shape


You can pick your avatar's boob size and even the shape of its bum.


A DISTURBING new app lets people strip in front of strangers online as a digital version of themselves.


Dubbed Camoji, the software lets users design a raunchy online avatar that they can use to moonlight as a webcam stripper for some quick cash.

Camoji is an app that lets people strip as a digital avatar


Designed by naughty US webcam site CamSoda, the app is designed to allow people to work as a stripper without the risk of being identified by family, friends or employers.


"With the launch of Camoji, now anyone can get into adult entertainment and anonymously interact with people, all under the guise of a XXX avatar," said CamSoda boss Daryn Parker.


"So whether you’re a mother of three, who can’t afford to have your kids’ friends’ parents find out, or a C-level executive at a well-known company with clients, Camoji now allows you to moonlight as a cam model and anonymously interact with fans, all while earning money."


Anyone who signs up must first design an avatar by picking out features – including hair styles, boob sizes, and even the shape of its bum.


Models can then list their digital alter ego in CamSoda's "Camoji" category where users can interact with them in real-time via chat.


Users can send cash tips to the Camoji to perform an assortment of sleazy moves.


Camojis will also be able to interact and talk dirty to users through its chat function.


In future, users will have the option to use face tracking and motion capture technology to map emoji characters to their face and body.


Camojis will also be able to mimic their sordid movements in real-time.


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