VR Helmets Let You Film Your Sex Life In 360 8K

VR Helmets Let You Film Your Sex Life In 360 8K
December 20, 2018
This new 'sex helmet' design should make it possible to film first-person VR smut comfortably


TECH-SAVVY horn-dogs can now record their bonking sessions with a VR "sex helmet".


The wacky space-age creation is designed to capture steamy action across a 300-degree field of view – to be replayed on virtual reality goggles later.


The VRB Head Rig 2.0 is built by a porn production company called VR Bangers, which specialists in virtual reality smut.


The headset is designed to record sex tapes in high-quality 8K resolution from a first-person perspective.


Filming VR video is extremely difficult, so XXX film stars typically have to rely on weird rigging systems.


The original VRB Head Rig was literally a mannequin head stuffed with microphones and cameras.

The old VR filming rig involved using a creepy mannequin head


This made life difficult for male actors, who would have to lie underneath the creepy mannequin head.


But the new VRB Head Rig 2.0 can be worn just like a helmet, which should make life more comfortable for everyone involved.


"With our ne

The sex helmet is about to be tested on real VR porn productions


According to VR Bangers, the project consumed "a lot of the company's financial resources" – but said it will be "worth it".


"We paid special attention to make sure that we have upgraded the device in every sense of the word – starting from a new design, microphones, cameras, and even lenses with 300° field of view," said CTO Boris Smirnoff.


"What is more, we have introduced a special stabilization system in order to prevent the camera from being too shaky.


"I don’t want to sound like I am bragging about it, but it feels like we have actually thought about everything this time."


Producers working with the old rig said that male actors struggled to "get a proper erection".


The new helmet may resolve this issue, and is about to be tested in upcoming adult VR films.


We've asked VR Bangers for pricing info on the new helmet and will update this story with any response.

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