Sony Patents New Way to Advertise With PSVR Headsets

Sony Patents New Way to Advertise With PSVR Headsets
01 Juillet, 2020

As the years have pressed on, VR has slowly but surely become a core part of video games as a medium. Once considered to be little more than a fun gimmick, games like Half-Life: Alyx, Boneworks, and Resident Evil 7: Biohazard have shown that there's the potential for the unique technology to become a core staple of gaming's future.


Few companies have highlighted this as well as Sony, who incorporated the PlayStation VR headset into its library back in 2016. It seems the company is looking to push forward some other new and interesting developments within VR as well, with the company recently filing a patent for some advanced advertising technology.


The patent itself can be viewed on the United States Patent and Trademark Offices website and presents several diagrams and descriptions highlighting an advanced way to implement advertisements into a VR space. According to the images, it seems the advertisements will appear in the player's periphery vision, lining the sides of the screen as they look around with the headset on. It also seems to be able to appear as a banner spread across the top of the headset's view, so whatever the ad may be, it seems the headset will be able to adapt to make it appear on screen without taking up the players entire view.

As for where players would be likely to see the advertisements, it seems PlayStation has a rough idea of how it'll be used in certain events or situations. According to the documents, the position and placement of the advertisements will depend on a number of factors, including where the player's head is located within the headset and where their line of sight lies. PlayStation gave a situation where the idea of the advertisements could be used effectively, using the example of players watching a concert as an idea. According to the listing, the headset could "detect on which performer the user is focusing his or her attention and then change the advertisement in accordance with the performer of interest."


Naturally, while many won't love the idea of being bombarded with ads, it's definitely an interesting evolution of VRs technology that will likely evolve into a number of future developments. The idea of the line of sight of the user dictating which ads they receive is definitely the kind of revolutionary concept that VR was designed to usher in, so it will undoubtedly make for an interesting piece of tech to follow in the coming months.

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