Vive Pro's Eye-tracking VR Goes To Europe First

Vive Pro's Eye-tracking VR Goes To Europe First
17 Mai, 2019

Your weekly roundup of news from the immersive realms.


Welcome to Field of view, the only place to find out what's been happening in the weird and wonderful worlds of VR and AR. Actually, it's all about the VR this week.


This week, we're talking Sony's future VR plans, big games landing for the Oculus Quest (which launches later this month) and a new BBC VR experience that we think you'll want to try out.


Remember, you can check out the rest of this week's big stories over in our dedicated news section. So, let's get into it.


Vive Pro Eye is ready to track your eyes

If you've been waiting to get you hands on HTC's Vive Pro Eye headset, it's now up for grabs in Europe for the princely sum of £1,499.


Unveiled back in January, the Pro Eye builds integrated eye tracking into the Vive Pro, making foveated rendering a built-in experience rather than a pricey add-on. Foveated rendering uses that eye tracking to increase the quality of the image where you're looking in VR.


Like the Vive Focus Plus, though, this Pro Eye is being pitched to the commercial and enterprise space rather than at consumers. HTC's consumer-friendly Vive Cosmos headset should be landing at some point later this year.


For those interested in some Pro Eye action, you can splash the cash on the Vive website with the headset also set to be available at selected retailers across Europe.


Major VR study wants to know what we feel in the virtual world

UK tech company Emteq wants to try and uncover what happens when we interact with the virtual world and how that relates to the way we respond to new experiences through a series of live experiments.


Over the next six weeks it will be asking members of the public visiting the Science Museum in London to take part in these experiments, which involve virtual reality headsets equipped with sensors that can apparently provide feedback on the user’s emotional state as they respond to different scenarios.


The live experiments are taking place at the London Science Museum from 8 May - 16 June and can be found at the "Who Am I" exhibit on Level 1 if you're intrigued to take part.


The Walking Dead VR game is coming in Fall 2019

The comic book-inspired, zombie apocalypse TV series is getting the VR gaming treatment thanks to the same development team behind Creed: Rise to Glory (2018) and AMC, who brought the series to life.


The Walking Dead Onslaught will apparently see headset wearers fight it out alongside other survivors in first person with an original story that has been penned by AMC and developer Survios.


It looks set to offer single-player and co-op modes and while supported platforms have yet to be confirmed, and it looks like it will play nice with the Oculus Rift and the Vive.


You can expect to dismember zombies in brutal fashion at some point in the Fall this year, probably to coincide with the arrival of the series' tenth season on our TV screens. Until then, you can enjoy the official announcement trailer up top.


Sony wants to help us feel in VR

Sony has signed a deal with haptics feedback technology company Immersion to enable the PSVR makers to use its tech for gaming and VR controllers. The Move controllers that currently work with PlayStation's VR headset offer the simple rumble tech that most gamepads incorporate. But, based on recent patents filed by Sony and this latest deal, it looks like we can expect future controllers that can simulate a greater variety of sensations. Maybe in time for when the PS5 rocks up.


Moss is coming to Oculus Quest

The VR adventure featuring a mouse called Quill is one of the best things we've played in VR, and now the charm-filled VR platformer is getting a new chapter in his story for the launch of Oculus' standalone VR headset. Developer Polyarc is unlocking the Twilight Garden chapter, which brings new environments and new challenges. The new content will be available on the 21 May, when the headset goes on sale and will be available as a free update on other compatible headsets in June.


Try this: Doctor Who - The Runway

The BBC has released an animated VR short inspired by the iconic sci-fi show, which is available to download for free for Rift, Vive, Oculus Go and Gear VR owners.


The 13-minute VR film (which also comes in a 360-degree version) is voiced by the thirteenth Doctor, Jodie Whittaker, and involves plenty of TARDIS action, as you assist the Doctor in attempting to return a strange and potentially dangerous creature called Volta to his home planet.


You can check it out now by downloading it from the Oculus Store, Vive Port or the BBC VR app. Enjoy the teaser trailer above to see what it's in store once you've got it installed and you whip on that headset.

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