Easter Rising: Voice Of A Rebel

Easter Rising: Voice Of A Rebel
VRrOOm review
July 10, 2017

A new historical VR experience that’s part documentary, part virtual theatre. Step into one man’s memories and journey back to a moment that changed Irish History forever: the 1916 Easter Rising. Each scene in this 13 minute story has a fixed point of view, the viewer can look around a full 360-degree environment and see the action while listening to recollections of the events in various locations. Easter Rising: Voice of a Rebel was created by BBC iWonder, Crossover Labs and VRTOV. The story revolves around a tape recording of Willie McNeive from the1970s. In these recordings, Willie talks about his involvement in the Easter Rising 60 years before. When you're playing The Easter Rising: Voice of a Rebel VR experience, please be sure to follow any safety info from the manufacturer and/or supplier of the device you're using.

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