Super Ninja Hero VR

Super Ninja Hero VR
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December 26, 2016



Hero, you are not alone!
"super ninja hero vr" is a VR-FPS game(first-person shooting game) that developed by Wuhan Firegame Co.,Ltd..Variety of scenes with cool fighting, strong cunning enemies and smart boss.Taking up your arms to begin a legend.


Hidden blade:suitable for beginners,simple and crude. Aim at the enemy, pulling the trigger and biu biu biu....
Bow:Completely imitate true archery,enjoying the pleasure of slay.


Flight with claw? Yes
Fight face-to-face?Yes
Escape by a walk?Yes
Shoot behind barrier?Yes


Brutal Shadow Evil and sexy Tengu is waiting for you with a team of minions in their secret base.
So are you ready?

For more enjoyment,join us.

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