Rescuties VR

Rescuties VR
VRrOOm review
January 4, 2017



Are you ready to save the neighborhood? Smoochable babies, kittens, penguins, corgis--they all need your help, in Rescuties VR! More than ten crazy scenarios! Rescue babies from a a towering inferno. Cope with the rushing speeds of a runaway express train. Visit the north pole and help out stranded polar bears...or even ascend to orbit and pitch in at the International Space Station! 50+ unlockable cuties! Kittens! Hedgehogs! Corgis! Babies of every sort, from punks to wizards! Unlock the slingshot to boost your babies into bonus rescuers! Or strap them into a parachute to save them from an airplane crash! 10+ edible powerups! Munch a pizza slice to freeze time -- pop a cupcake for extra points -- or eat a cookie for rocket gloves! More than 25 crazyfiers -- mods that can be mixed and matched to make gameplay even crazier! Play as a giant in a windstorm! Or try scoring with phase babies in zero-g! Take on the cutest arcade-action challenge there is--in Rescuties VR!

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