Orc Hunter VR

Orc Hunter VR
VRrOOm review


December 29, 2016



In the roomscale VR wavegame Orc Hunter you have to defend yourself against hordes of orcs. Even though the game is still in the development phase, you can download the demo to find out what Orc Hunter is capable of, right now. 

Key Features: 

- Room scale VR 
To create a lifelike feeling, Orc Hunter uses the HTC Vives' roomtracking as the way to control the players movement. 

- Motion controlled weapons 
You use both of the vives' motioncontrollers to freely pick your weapons. 
Besides swords, you can currently choose a bow, a mace or a shield. 


If you are interested about the features we will add in the future, you should check the disussions. You can find them on the right side of the store page.

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