VRrOOm review


February 20, 2017





Immerse yourself in the most beautiful and spine chilling VR experience to date. Experience a series of catastrophic events in the cold void of deep space as you crash rapidly towards earth. When disaster strikes, your one mission is to make it out alive as fast as you can. Dead or alive, you are Homebound.


Virtual Reality


Homebound is built as a next-gen experience for VR. It supports the Vive (with motion controllers) as well as the Oculus Rift with a gamepad. Oculus Touch support is coming soon.


The Developer


Homebound has been developed by Swedish tech firm Quixel, who are known for making computer graphics tools for the AAA game industry as well as firms like NASA, Tesla and ILM.




  • * VR Compability: Both HTC Vive and Oculus Rift support


  • * Motion Controller/Gamepad: Play however you like


  • * 3 beautiful levels to experience: Deep space, Earth's atmosphere & Earth 


  • * Time Attack: Beat your own personal best or challenge your friends' scores 


  • * 10-30 minutes of gameplay: Perfect for parties, or a short break from reality 


  • * Great replayability: Find new secrets, items, interactive objects - and ways to die 


  • * Freeroam Mode: Fly around in and explore the environments at your own pace 


  • * Built with Unreal Engine 4: VR has never been more beautiful
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