Dungeon Chess

Dungeon Chess
VRrOOm review
April 25, 2017

Chess comes to life with iconic DUNGEONS & DRAGONS® creatures in Experiment 7's Dungeon Chess™. Dragons breathe fire, beholders blast death rays, and armies of elven pawns face down the forces of evil as you match wits against your friends, online adventurers, and AI opponents in the world's most popular game of strategy and skill. Key Features * Epic Chess Battles Kinetic battle animations bring chess to life, adding dramatic combat effects to classic chess gameplay. * Iconic D&D Creatures Take command of dragon queens, beholder rooks, drow pawns, and other iconic D&D creatures. * Step into the Yawning Portal Pull up a chair in Faerûn's legendary Yawning Portal tavern. * Touch Controls Grab and place pieces for an amazing sense of tactile immersion. * Multi-Tier AI No matter your skill level, there's a chess challenge perfect for you. * Multiplayer Ready Reunite with old chess rivals or forge new friendships with online play.

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