Tombé Drums VR

Tombé Drums VR
VRrOOm review


September 23, 2017



Tombé Drums VR is part of The Music Room family of instruments. Combining accurate feel and ultra low latency these kits sound and feel great. You can play carefully scanned drums and cymbals from Pearl, Ludwig, Sabian, Zildjian, DW and Gretsch. You can also get comfortable being on stage, in the studio and in a practice room. Play at Cherry Bar, the best rock and roll bar in the world and Bakehouse Studio, a favourite rehearsal room of Elvis Costello, Tool and Nick Cave.


Tombé Drums support an extensive range of articulations. You can play cross stick hits, rim shots, tip and shank hits on the hi-hat, choke cymbals and it's all velocity sensitive. 


If you're looking for MIDI output and DAW integration you move up to The Music Room for these features and more.


Please try the demo version to get a good idea of the feel and responsiveness. In the demo you have access to a champagne sparkle Gretsch Broadkaster kit and full version gives you access to more kits and venues. To use the kick some kind of mic, headphones or drum trigger is required that you can step on. An audio interface and native ASIO drivers is strongly recommended for good latency and feel.

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