VRrOOm review
August 6, 2017

Technolust is a fully realized cyberpunk dystopia, presented as an interactive visual novel. The user is free to explore the rich environments and interact with the world’s bizarre natives as they unravel a mystery involving mass suicides, A.I. revolutions and corporate dominance. The game features hours of gameplay, minigames, collectables and free digital expansions.


Winner of the 2016 Proto awards for Best Art Direction and Best Sound Design. Winner of the 2016 Unity Vision AR/VR award for Artistic Achievement.


"Technolust is the concentrated dose of cyberpunk VR has been waiting for"

-The Verge


"...virtual reality's best living diorama."



"Technolust is a rare treat that feels like something we’d normally have to wait a year or more to ever receive on a new platform."

-Upload [8/10]


"The cyberpunk adventure VR has been promising for decades is finally here."

-VR Focus [4/5]


"Gritty Cyberpunk Adventure That Leaves You Begging For More."

-Road to VR [4/5]

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