Self Portrait (Interior)

Self Portrait (Interior)
VRrOOm review
March 29, 2017

Self Portrait (Interior) is a guided tour inside artist Theo Triantafyllidis, showcasing some of his inner organs, thoughts, desires and fears. During the virtual reality tour, the audience is offered a series of paths and requested to make the most meaningful choices.


Self Portrait (Interior) was commissioned by DiMoDa, a preeminent virtual institution and a virtual reality exhibition platform dedicated to the distribution and promotion of New Media Art. It was part of the VR group show Morphe Presence, showcasing artists Brenna Murphy, Rosa Menkman, Miyö Van Stenis and Theo Triantafyllidis. It has been exhibited in multiple locations, including Superchief Gallery in NY, the Satellite Art Show in Miami and the RISD Museum in Rhode Island. It has been written about on the creators projectfabbula and kill screen. The full VR group show can be downloaded here.


Morphé Presence was curated by Helena Acosta and Eileen Isagon Skyers. DiMoDA was co-created and directed by Alfredo Salazar-Caro and William Robertson.


The version presented here includes a remastered version of Self Portrait (Interior), that works with the Oculus and the Vive, as well as in regular screens. It includes a deleted scene and a few new details.




SelfPortrait(Interior) MB)Download

SelfPortrait(Interior) MB) Download

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