Quanero VR

Quanero VR
VRrOOm review


September 23, 2016

Quanero is an experimental experience for VR the HTC Vive. Your goal is to figure out what caused a violent incident in a futuristic bar by manipulating the time. You can slow down time, reverse it or bring it to a halt. Explore the scene, unlock the story's branch points and unravel the mystery. There's also an explosion. Quanero was created with Unreal Engine 4 and can be downloaded for free.

You can launch Quanero without your HTC Vive connected to your computer, but we highly recommend playing it solely with it since it's supposed to be enjoyed this way. Quanero won't play with the Oculus Rift, but we might release an update to fix this if there is enough demand.

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