House Of Languages

House Of Languages
VRrOOm review
February 21, 2017



*NEW VERSION* House of Languages VR – is a new way to master English (German, French, Russian or Spanish) languages. It is a highly-effective way for learning new vocabulary using several channels of perception in VR:


* see the object and its corresponding name,

* hear the name of the object,

* repeat the name of the object.


We believe it is the most powerful way to memorize foreign language words.


There are 10+2 different locations within the app, such as airport, cafe, cinema, zoo, museum, etc. +School!


The locations contain:


* useful words for real life conversation,

* review table with all words from the location,

* mini-games such as a word guessing test and puzzles.


Friendly little Mr Woo will teach you. You will also get to meet his family and discover his cute world. All the wоrds you need to memorize are just around you.


House of Languages - is a beautiful and comfortable VR environment for you to discover, interact, learn and enjoy!

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